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gym disaster

I went to the gym today, i've been restricting on a liquid fast since Monday but only lost a pound so thought a jog might help.
So i'm on the treadmill jogging along, 2 minutes in and i get the worse stitch i've ever felt, i should have stopped and rested but the girl on the treadmill next to me was running her butt off and i didn't want to look pathetic.
So i'm trying to push through the stitch, i feel like i can't breath and i'm holding my side. i'm not sure how it happened but the next thing i knew i'm face planting the treadmill, i whacked my face on the console and fell on my side before been ejected on the floor in a heap.
It hurt like crazy. The girl i tried to out run helped me to my feet, then the staff helped me to a chair and gave me some water.  I felt so embarrassed. I tried to explain that i just had a stitch but the girl told them i looked like i blacked out. They phoned my boyfriend who is my emergency contact, while i waited for him the manager came in and said that i would be able to return to the gym once i have letter from my doctor saying i am fit to exercise. It's all been blown out of proportion, i don't know if my doctor will sign me off on it.
Now i'm home with a black and blue swollen face and bruised legs. I ache all over, will post pics of it soon when i find the energy.

The DAy After Easter

Well I did what I planned, went to see kick-ass last night took my Easter egg and dropped it down the side of my chair bit by bit.
I went to the same cinema a week ago, and I'm happy to say i felt smaller in the chairs if that makes sense.

How did your Easter's go?

Happy Easter

What is everyone doing about Easter.
I'm cooking me and my boyfriend dinner.
I'm not going to have anything all day until we have dinner about 3-4pm I'll wake up at 10am, so it should be easy peasy to go 6 hours without.
I can control exactly what i'm putting on my plate too food whited out ( Linda McCartney veg roast may be 1 slice of it, lots of veggies, two roast potatos) I'm gonna try and get that meal under 500 calories and then not eat rest of day.)

Going to cinema to see kickass too, so will take the egg my boyfriend got me and eat it in the dark but really drop it down side of chair in dark.
Simple. Or feed it to him.

dinner time blues

Track This

My lunch routine at work is to not eat, i make it look like i've eaten in the staff room but don't
.Since monday my boyfriend who is currently jobless as been coming to my work to have dinner with me (think he might be worried)
so i couldn't pretend to eat. So i've been eating dinner trying to stay under 400 calories, only trouble is i eat lunch and then whne i get home from work i want to eat again. I find it easier to go without when i haven't eaten in a while. But them first hunger pangs are the worse, I try drinking water and coffee and ignoring it, but my willpower as been zero this week so i've been giving in.
Now i'm up from 97 to 101 since monday.  i'm 5ft 2. I feel sick.


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